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CITIC Pacific Mining ($80 Million)

  • BCS’s largest ongoing Australian contract is at the CITIC Pacific Mining (CPM), Sino Iron Project. The Sino project is the largest magnetite mining and processing operation in Australia. Downstream processing operations currently consist of six production lines. The scale and complexity of this project has provided one of the most technically challenging projects that BCS personnel have worked on.


Bypass Conveyor ($2.3 Million) – Design, Construction, Commissioning & Ongoing Maintenance

Magnetite concentrate processing requires different sizes of material to achieve high production ratio as well and increased asset lifespan. BCS were invited by CPM to carry out an assessment of existing plant operations and provide feedback on the installation of a bypass conveyor to transfer materials directly from the pebble bins to the Ag mill feeding conveyor.

Based on the feedback provided BCS were awarded the contract to design, construct and commission a bypass chute for one of the six operational lines. The success of the project resulted in BCS being awarded the contract for the 5 remaining production lines and the associated ongoing maintenance contract.

The successful completion of this project made a significant contribution to the breaking of the clients production records and is continuing in reducing the overall equipment downtime.

Metal Tramp Magnet ($20 Thousand) – Construction, Commissioning & Ongoing Maintenance

  • Development of installation plan
  • Modification of  the parts and equipment to suit operation
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Ongoing maintenance contract