We provide maintenance solutions to clients of all sizes

BCS can provide a range of maintenance solutions to clients of all sizes from permanent site-based teams with engineering and design capabilities to ensure that all aspects of the system are running as efficiently as possible, through to teams who can mobilise to any site throughout the state rapidly to provide repair and maintenance solutions to avoid costly downtime.

Shutdown Services

BCS can also provide a range of solutions for your shutdown needs. With the ability to provide a multidisciplinary workforce including scaffolders, riggers, fitters, boilermakers, specialist belt splicers and engineers we are able to rapidly meet all of our client’s needs without having to engage multiple contractors.

This ensures that you will receive the most cost-effective and time-efficient workforce suited to your needs.


Performance Based Contract (PBC)

The success of any long-term project is determined by its ability to remain financially viable no matter the market conditions. Fluctuations in the market value of the product, materials and labour price can lead to uncertainty.

BCS identified this and decided to eliminate these concerns from the maintenance aspect. We have achieved this through a Performance Based Contract (PBC). A PBC is reimbursed based on the total production tonnage and agreed tonnage rate, rather than the manhours incurred during the claiming cycle.

This model gives certainty of budget utilization, in achieving production plan, to clients, while the service provider shares the risk with the client. With BCS capability to manage the entire maintenance function from the client including the established maintenance procedures, service books and plans.

We understand that every operation is different and so prior to commencement of the PBC a thorough process analysis and maintenance scheduling for process improvement identification and maintenance strategy optimization is conducted to allow a tailor-made solution to your project.