Specialised design of bulk material handling systems.

Boton Conveyor Services, design and engineer conveyor belt systems for bulk material handling which are customised to meet their clients needs and business goals . Boton also offer services for exisiting conveyor belt systems in which they conduct a completed review and then provide an optimised solution. 

Design Solutions From Start To Finish

Boton Conveyor Services offer innovative, creative design solutions to help their clients meet their operational goals. Boton Conveyor Services have extensive experience in the design and development of bulk material handling systems, as well as being able to offer the expertise of a dedicated engineering team who utilise the latest design techniques to provide a cost-effective solution across a wide variety of industries and business sizes. 

Once past the design stage, Boton then have the capability to manufacture the conveyor belt system, construct it and provide a long term, cost effective maintenance service contract to help prevent downtime. Boton Conveyor Services are able to provide an end to end solution, they can ensure quality is maintained and costs are kept down through lower project costs and lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Existing Conveyor Belt Infrastructure Optimisation

Boton Conveyor Services also offer services to review existing conveyor belts. Boton are aware that there can be unforeseen issues which arise to conveyor belts after the plant becomes fully operational. These issues can result in increased wear and tear of the conveyor belts, and in most cases lead to more downtime, reduced production rates and increased maintenance costs.

To reduce the risk of conveyor belt downtime, Boton can conduct a full review of your system and plant operations to highlight any areas of concern. Boton can have an in depth look at your belt speed, belt width, belt length and belt tension, to highlight any potential areas of improvement and ultimately increase the operational output of your plant. Once the review has been completed Boton Conveyor Services are then able to design, fabricate and install any changes to the conveyor system.

For further confidence and reliability in your conveyor belt system, Boton can also offer a tailor-made maintenance program for your conveyor system. Those who’ve used this program in the past have noticed that over time there has been a significant reduction in maintenance costs, reduced downtime and an increase in belt capacity which has made them more money in the long term. 

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Boton Conveyor System design and implementation of a conveyor system