End to end solutions including the construction of conveyor belt systems

Our Conveyor Belt Construction Process 

Following the design phase of the conveyor belt system, Boton Conveyor Services then moves to construction. While we acknowledge the importance of the final product to our clients, for Boton Conveyor Services the journey or the construction stage forms a significant part of the overall process and success of a project. Boton Conveyor Services believe in providing our clients with a quality system that is completed right the first time and therefore leads to less downtime later on which impacts the operations of our clients business.   

Our Conveyor Belt Construction Team 

The Boton Conveyor Services’ teams of expert professionals has the tenacity and technical ability to tackle complex projects, and a genuine desire to understand and work with our clients and stakeholders to realise and shape their vision.

With the ability to design and construct we can effectively deliver any type of project through a variety of construction methodologies across different industries. Our conveyor belt construction service is also another way Boton Conveyor Services is able to demonstrate their core underpinning value of working together with our clients to achieve their goals & bring value to their business. 

Previous Boton Conveyor Belt Construction Projects

Below are some of Boton Conveyor Belts’s previous projects within the mining sector: 

Enquire About Our Conveyor Belt Services 

Boton Conveyor Services offers an end to end solution from start to ongoing maintenance for businesses needing a conveyor belt solution. If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch with Boton Conveyor Services today to see how we can help you. 

Our Charter

Boton Conveyor Services success has been a result of a team driven approach with a common goal of continuous improvement in all aspects of our work. From ensuring that all of our employees go home safely every day, to accepting nothing but the highest standard of work is provided to our clients.