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Boton Conveyor Services is an Australian-owned specialist in conveyor belt systems maintenance with the ability to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients. Our continued success is due to our strength in providing high-quality conveyor belt system services whilst maintaining a time and cost-effective solution to the challenges presented by our clients. Our dedicated design and maintenance team has years of experience and is able to create an end to end solution specifically designed to service the needs of you and your business.

BCS began as a specialist conveyor maintenance company, focusing on belt repair and replacement. From here we have grown into a highly capable, multi-faceted engineering, construction and maintenance organisation. Our expertise in bulk material handling systems is unparalleled in Western Australia and we provide the highest standard of work to clients from a wide range of industries.

Why Choose Boton Conveyor Systems?

BCS is the leader in conveyor belt systems, capable of providing a material handling system tailor-made to your business and its needs. While we understand that the final product is important, we also value the journey in the overall success of a project and will collaborate with your business to manufacture your conveyor belt to any requirement. Our expert team strives to work in collaboration with our clients and stakeholders to realise their vision, and has the skill and ability to tackle any bulk materials handling project they are presented with. With the ability to fabricate products, a projects team ready to carry out construction and a maintenance team available to provide a long-term cost-effective maintenance solution, we are able to provide a comprehensive belt conveyor system that will result in both a higher quality product and lower costs.

The success of any long-term project is determined by its ability to remain financially viable regardless of changes in the market – fluctuations in the market value of resources can lead to uncertainty for your business and profitability. BCS understands this and has eliminated these concerns through our Performance Based Contract (PBC). A PBC is remunerated based on total production tonnage and an agreed upon tonnage rate, rather than incurred man hours, giving peace of mind and certainty regarding budget utilisation. That’s the BCS difference.

To learn more about what BCS can do for you and your business, contact us or visit one of our offices in Perth or Karratha.

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